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"Not just another real estate broker... SELLING HOMES IS MY BUSINESS! You have "SELL POWER" when listing at Special Places Realty, where it is seen by the qualified buyers. Through various affiliations such as the Gallatin Association of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (GARMLS), Certified Residential Specialists (CRS),through the internet exposure and through proven results producing methods of advertising, I get top exposure to find you the right buyer to buy! Whether it is residential, farm, ranch, or acreage you are selling, you will see a remarkable difference! We "FEATURE" your property on an international real estate web site! SELLING AT MARKET PRICE WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME IS YOUR HOPE AND YOUR GOAL. Call now for your FREE CMA Home Marketing Analysis! All questions about selling your home or property will be answered directly and factually. We comply with all Fair Housing Laws, the Montana Real Estate Regulations and as a long standing Realtor and Broker, The REALTOR Code of Ethics. Every effort is made to follow the Golden Rule. I AM COMMITTED TO COORDINATING YOUR COMFORT NEEDS IN MARKETING YOUR HOME! Copyright 2002. Reproduce by permission.


MAYBE YOU ARE MISSING THE BUYERS? As a Realtor to get your home sold, I work to market your house and get a SALE PENDING as quickly, as reasonably possible!

You get top advise and a Broker that cares about getting you the best results! Remember, you are on HOLD... until you have SOLD! I want to sell your real estate and to help you move on to meet your goals! Call me or email me today. Copyright 2002. Reproduce by permission.

When You Are Selling Your Home

SELLING: Maximumize your exposure to attract willing, able buyers. General appearances and good condition play major roles when trying to sell.

Below are some appealing things you can do. First, stand across the street from your house... What is your "curb appeal"? IT'S ESTIMATED that half of all homes sell before the buyers get out of their car to view the inside of a house! Make sure you like how you look, where you live, it can help sell!

The Outside of Your Home

OUTSIDE: *Sweep front walkways. *Remove newspapers, bikes and toys. *Park extra cars away from house or property. *Trim back shrubs and bushes. *Apply fresh paint if the home needs it. *Clean windows and window coverings. *Keep pets areas clean... keep pets hidden or locked away during showings. Buyer's are annoyed when "Bingo" keeps barking so they cannot properly look at your home. *Be sure all plumbing and appliances work well. *Maintain all window, tub, shower, sink sealants and ensure they are in good condition. *Mow lawns frequently, plant fresh colorful flowers, keep all exterior view windows squeeky clean.

The Inside of Your Home

INSIDE: *Your kitchen and baths must shine. *Have carpets professionally cleaned, then give them once-over prior to each showing. *Place fresh aromatic flowers in main areas and rooms when possible, especially formal dining room tables. *Place dishes inside cupboards unless you are making exquisite settings for "open house decor" or if you want to ensure a "special effect showing". *Make beds, be sure clothes are hung in well managed rows in closets, buyers look there a lot. *Open drapes and turn on lights for that spacious, brighter feel for each room. *Put away toys and turn off television(s), play soft music and send kids out to play if they could disrupt a showing. *Make sure there are no pet odors and place pets out of the way. *Place jewelry, cash, prescription medication and valuables in secure hide-aways.

IMPORTANT REMINDERS: *Many serious buyers feel more comfortable viewing a property if owners are not present, especially on the first showings. *DO NOT SHOW people unaccompanied by an agent who knock at your door asking to see the property. Always refer them to your Realtor or agent to set up an appointment. Your property always shows much better when you have had the chance to set up for a showing, not to mention security concerns of showing your property to strangers. *IF YOU LEAVE TOWN, even briefly for the weekend, be sure your broker knows where and how to reach you. Being able to reach you could be crucial to a sale! An offer could come as soon as you leave, you do not want to miss the chance to get it and review it. Offers give a seller a time limit in which to accept or counter-offer the offer! A buyer always is anxious to know if his offer has been presented. So be sure to keep your agent informed as to where you can be reached.